Superior, portable, modular micro homes from Modulego, specialists in off site construction solutions

Modulego Homes

Bespoke house designs offer stylish but functional homes
rich in architectural planning and attention to detail. Explore Modulego

Instant Accommodation

Modulego homes are completely finished at factory level before
delivery to the site location. Explore Modulego

Sophisticated Interiors

Modulego buildings benefit from exceptional space saving design
and include all furniture and equipment. Explore Modulego

Robust Construction

Engineered steel frames combined with innovative off site construction
methods ensure a solid, durable building. Explore Modulego

Environmentally Friendly

Bioclimatic design and thermal insulation minimise running costs and reduces
power consumption helping to preserve the environment. Explore Modulego

Sound Investment

Modulego 'Modulego' buildings are built to surpass EU building regulation requirements
and international construction standards. Explore Modulego

Light Steel Framing by MODULEGO

Light steel frame construction systems provide reliability, rapidity, functionality and value for money.

Light steel frame construction technology offers risk free and effective solutions meeting the demands of private home owners, investors, constructors, public and private institutions. Steel guarantees reliability and rapidity.

Modulego steel frame buildings are manufactured and pre assembled at factory level to ensure an engineered finished product and an accurate componant supply.

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Compact, portable, modular light steel frame homes from Modulego, specialists in off site construction solutions

Prefabricated Low Cost Construction

Flat Pack Container Accommodation