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“It was vital that we selected a product to support our part of the construction of the new Panama Canal that was easy to transport and offered fast assembly times. Modulego flat pack 'Cubes' did just that providing spacious office space and comfortable accommodation for our construction workers on site.”

Modulego portable modular building systems
Vinci France

Sierra Leone

“Modulego 'Cubes' allowed us to 'grow' our offices from a single module to a block of eight by simply adding extra modules when we were ready. The same buildings are now planned for mobile clinics. Clearly this is the benefit of a well engineered, truely modular construction system, it's a little like Lego! ”

Modulego portable modular building systems


“Our problem was speed. We needed a full blown camp complex to support a pipeline project with accommodation, sanitary blocks, laundrey facilities, offices and kitchen cabins. Modulego modules were available from stock and even custom designed modules were manufactured in a matter of weeks.”

Modulego portable modular building systems